Project Report

Project Info

Client Retired Men and Women
Skills Organic Farming

Project Description

Organic Agriculture
Organic agriculture is the oldest form of agriculture on earth. The early agriculture was based on use of natural resources. However, there is a difference between organic agriculture and conventional. Hence, organic agriculture is dynamic. Definition of Organic Agriculture “Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which enhances agro-ecosystem health, utilizing both traditional and scientific knowledge. Organic agricultural system relies on ecosystem management rather than external agricultural inputs (IFOAM).

Benefits of Organic Agriculture

• Improved health and nutrition

• Little damage is done to the environment

• Reduced nutrient losses

• Reduced erosion and enhance better water management

• Safer working conditions

• Less risk of contamination

• Can build on traditional knowledge

• Recognises farmers’ knowledge

Institutions involved: Launch Out Now Foundation (LONF) and Association of Organic Agriculture Practitioners Nigeria.
Activities Planned:

1) The programme is designed to train women and men about to retire, retired women and Youth how to establish organic garden in the rural, peri urban and urban areas.

2) To provide expertise and supervising the establishment of organic farm in secondary schools adopted by LONF.

3) Provision of organic seeds and seedlings for farmers to plant the organic fields.

4) To supervise and monitor activities in establishing organic farms.

5) Provision free advisory and assistance to farmers on issues concerning organic agriculture and other area of agriculture.

Expected output/Outcome
The programme is designed to train at least (5-10 farmer) and one secondary school/twice a year in the community around the center how to go organic. Analysis of the results obtained

• LONF in 7th June, 2017 trained 5 men and 3 women on organic farming. Two men are working on LONF farm and the women have back yard farms.

• The community secondary school was trained on 9th Novenber,2017

• The secondary schools have presently established organic garden in the senior and junior school premises. Main changes observed: Those trained have separated a portion of their farm for organic production and are ready to train others in the community.


• Inadequate organic seed and seedlings

• Lack of vehicle for ease of mobility to the project site

• Bad road.